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Overbought Inventory Can Kill Any Business, Tastecoin Converts Glut Into An Untapped Resource.

When regular currency seems to fail (even with heavy discounting), businesses can use Tastecoin's glut coupons.

Tastecoins coupons are used by business members for selling old, excess or other unwanted inventory (glut).

Tastecoin creates a new marketplace of overbought apparel, books, foods, gifts, home goods, toys & more.

Exchanges from DirectVendors & ClothingMachine can even be traded for glut, closeouts or shipping discounts.

Members can increase glut sales by making items acceptable for bartering, exchanging and trade-in discounts.

Feast, Play, Enjoy, Learn, Wear, Adorn, Smile, Relax, Party, Track.

Foods, Candy, Beverages, Juice Flavors, Snacks, Soda Flavors, Distributors.

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Norman Scherer - Principal

(917) 822-1870


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Sparta & Surrounding NJ Towns, Beta Tests Tastecoin's Family Fun This Spring.